Ultimate Guide For Kangaroo Jumping Shoes/Boots And Kangoo Boots/Shoes

If you've ever seen those bouncing rubber bottom shoe looking boots then you should know that those are the infamous Kangaroo Jumping Boots that have been around for a number of years! These boots were originally made to help with those who have arthritis issues or joint issues. What has become an idea for a simple workout for those with issues preventing them from exercising has become a well known worldwide phenomenon of dance/workout classes ranging from hip hop dancing to hardcore military-style workouts with a bunch of yelling and screaming.

Kangoo Boots Wonderwoman


What Are Kangaroo Jumping shoes/Boots & Kangoo boots/shoes?

Simple to say that they are essentially boots because of the shape and mold, covering above your ankles with a rollerblade look and feel. When you strap them on it also feels like strapping on rollerblades, comes with buckles for tightening. The boots are then attached to a shell. The shells provides the bounce and protection so that you can perform for a long time. T-Springs which are that rubber thick lining that goes inside the shell which provides you the bouncing. 

Taken from the name Kangaroo because of the idea of hopping or jumping. With the large curling plates making it look like anyone wearing it would have a gigantic hop. Also as a marketing ploy to have a very cute playful animal mascot representing the boots.


How Do They Work?

As mentioned earlier there are several parts to the boots here we will list them all.

  • Interior Meshing
  • Shell
  • T Springs
  • Anti Skid Bottom Plate

Interior Meshing - The inside of the boot is covered in synthetic leather, this provides a breathable and porous inside giving the wearer ventilation while they're working out. Prevents your feet from overheating and building an excessive amount of sweat.

Shells  - Super important part of the bounce boots, gives stable support and protection when bouncing up and down. Each size has a particular load-bearing weight, if you're over the weight you may snap the T-Springs, if you're under the weight you may have trouble bouncing.

T-Springs - The coils that link in the middle of the shell, provide buoyancy and stabilization, allowing the shell to contract, expand, and constrict giving you the ability to bounce.

Anti Skid Bottom Plates - Provides extra protection and stability, the skids at the bottom help prevent you from sliding and slipping as the shape grips onto the floor. 


Which Ones Should I Buy?

If you're a beginner and not a big workout person while looking for an affordable option then the recommended boots to buy would be either the Gen 1 Series or the Flex Series. They are at a good price for newcomers who haven't tried it yet and wondering if it will be a good fit. The inside lining is super comfortable and it is easy to break in, performance will be great and easy for you to get started.

Flex Pink and the Gen 1 Series Blue/Black are our customer favorites and top sellers that we have.


  • Price friendly
  • Great for beginners
  • Super ease of use
  • Easy on the joints 
  • Low impact


  • Performance maybe lacking
  • Comfortable but only for so long
  • Not meant for super high intensity

If you want comfort and high performance 

Gen 2 Series is where you can get your money's worth. They're also great for beginners but not a must. These high octane boots are much more durable and have extra cushioning making your bounces very light. The impact is reduced dramatically which is great for those who have arthritis or joint/knee issues preventing them from running or any type of high impact sport.

Gen 2 Green/Black and Gen 2 Blue/Black are our customers top picks for style, they really love the black with the little shades of green and blue on the t-springs as well as the inside lining and bottom of the heel.


  • Super comfortable very light
  • Super breathable allows for greater ventilation
  • High performance, provides longer lasting intense workouts
  • Even lower impact on your knees and joints


  • Pricier than gen 1 series and flex series

Before purchasing a pair make sure that your weight is in the range of the size of the boots this will ensure that the boot shell and springs don't snap and break. If you the right size is not available you can contact us at support@kangooboots.com and we can customize and tailor the weight capacity for you!

Help I'm In Between Sizes

If you're stuck in a situation where you're in between sizes we recommend you to go with the smaller size one, thought it may be a tiny bit tight, it can be loosened up a bit with the buckle straps. Rather then having a larger size where your feet are too loose and giving you less control of the boots which may end up causing potential falls and other injuries.

What Are The Benefits?

The biggest benefits is that you can burn calories twice as fast with our Kangoo Boots. Also our design with the shells provides impact reduction giving your individuals with knee or joint problems the ability to have a very fun and dynamic cardio workout. Those who have weight issues and having aching joint problems especially when they are walking or running, these will be a tremendous benefit for them to increase their heart rate for working out in a safe way.